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Dear Camp Starkweather 2021 Families,

Thank You for signing up your children for camp this summer. We are just about 1.5 months away and we are looking forward to being together outside for our 11th year of camp!

We've been working through some technical issues on our end and building an online database to keep all of camp records, forms, etc. in one easy to access location. Thank you for your patience.


Within the next day you will receive an email specific for your week of camp. If you are registered for multiple weeks, you will receive multiple emails. This will serve 2 purposes. First, it will verify that your child is registered for that specific week. If you DON'T receive an email for a specific week, it means we don't have record of your child being registered for that week. Reach out to Patrick ASAP for verification. Secondly, the email will include links to 3 action items that need to be completed on your end ASAP. These include the following: 1) Camper Information Form (i.e. age, shirt size, allergies, group preferences, emergency contacts, authorized pickups, waiver, etc). 2) Medical Form (you can fill out the online form or simply upload a photo/PDF of your child's latest/existing health form) & 3) COVID Informed Consent Form (as required by the state).

To help you prepare for camp, below is a list of the current procedures we are implementing to ensure a FUN & SAFE environment for all participants, staff & families. We will broadcast any last minute details/changes as we get closer to camp.

If your summer plans have changed please let us know ASAP so that we can open up the spots. As always if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me directly.


Todd Miller

Camp Starkweather


Camp Location & Times:

Nichols Improvement Association @ 1773 Huntington Turnpike Trumbull, CT

AM Session 9am-12

PM Sessions 12:30pm - 3:30pm

Full Day 9am-3:30pm 


Prior to coming to camp each day:
We are asking that you please monitor your child’s temperature prior to coming to camp; as well as letting us know if there has been any contact with any persons with COVID-19 immediately. If a child becomes ill with COVID-19 their group will be closed and campers will need to be tested and cleared by a physician prior to returning to camp.

Drop off/Pick up:

To help minimize congestion on Huntington Turnpike and in the NIA parking lot, we are asking that families consider carpooling. Those within walking distance should walk.

While we do our best to maintain all camp registrations, sometimes our registration list doesn’t line up and we need to verify payment. To help smooth out the check-in process please have a copy of your payment receipt (email from paypal or wix) with you on the first day of camp each week.

Drop off is at 9am for morning sessions and 12:30pm for afternoon sessions. The current plan is to follow last year's drop off/pickup procedures. We are asking parents to pull into the NIA entrance (closest to gazebo) then straight to the back of the parking lot into a U formation pulling around and through to the house driveway. Campers should stay in their cars. We will come to the car and check your child’s temperature and guide him/her to their group.

Pick up is at 12:00 for morning sessions and 3:30pm for afternoon session. Please follow the same entering/exit flow into the NIA. When you drop your child off we will give you 2 “pick up” cards to identify you or others as a designated pick up person. You or your authorized pick up person must have the card to pick your child up. You may be asked to present your license to verify you are the authorized pick up. When we identify your car we will call your child’s name on the walkie talkie and have them brought to your car.



Counselors will have their own water coolers as well as Purell. Each group will have a designated shaded area to help with social distancing. After each activity materials such as balls, or hula hoops will be wiped down and disinfected. Counselors will have walkie talkies to communicate to the support staff if needed.


What should campers bring?

Campers should bring a bagged snack and plenty of water. Full day participants should bring snacks for both the am/pm and lunch to have in-between sessions. Counselors can not apply sunscreen, so please apply it to your child prior to coming to camp. We are also asking that individual campers bring their own beach towel to sit on designating their safe space to snack. Prior to the week you are registered, you will receive notice of additional that may be required (i.e. water-guns, wet shower, etc). If specific items are needed don’t forget to write your child’s name on their items.

We will contact families directly regarding procedures for medicine/epi-pens, etc.

Inclement Weather:

We normally operate camp during light rain. If the forecast is calling for thunder and lightning we will monitor the weather and make a call regarding the status of camp. This year camp program will move indoors and make use of the NIA Starkweather House and the local churches. In those instances, an email will go out the night prior alerting everyone about the situation. We will follow up in the morning/afternoon with an updated plan of action. If no email is received, assume camp is a go.


Parental Contact Information:

Please make sure all authorized pick ups and emergency contacts are submitted with the online registration form. If a change has occurred please let us know when dropping your child off.

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