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As of January 1st 2020, there are several changes to the rental policy. First, there will be a rental agreement you must review and sign prior to rental. Second, you will now need to submit a deposit (In the form of a separate check) of $150 to cover any damages that may occur during your rental. If no damage occurs your check will be destroyed.


NIA Starkweather House Request

NOTE: In order to receive the Member rental rate, you must be an NIA member for the 3 months prior to the house rental.


Rentals will be divided into 2 time slots 8am-3pm and 4pm-11pm

$90 for NIA Members / $235 for non members.


You can also reserve the house for the entire day 8am - 11pm

$160 for NIA Members / $360 for non members. 

STEP 1: Check House Availability

Before submitting a house request, please check availability on the NIA House Use Calendar below. If the date you are interested in has “Event” on it, that spot is not available. If the date has “Inquiry Event” on it, you may put in a request and you will be the second, or sometimes, third request for that date. We will review your information and get back to you regarding your approval for use.

STEP 2: Submit Application

STEP 3: Payment

Once your request is approved you will receive a link to provide your House Use payment. Please note that you will have 5 days to submit payment otherwise you could loose your date if someone else is interested in the same date.

Starkweather House Use


$85 / $150

Starkweather House Use


$225 / $350

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