We would like to thank our 2020 vendors for making last year's market such a success.


If you haven’t seen our closing report, here’s a little statistical info from our 2020 season: (10) Vendors during Week 1,  (35) Most vendors at a single market, (600) Average shoppers per market, (976) Most shoppers at a single market, (1168) Volunteer hours logged, (10,500) Estimated shoppers for the entire season ... And the most impressive: (0) Reported cases of community spread.


With your continued support of the Trumbull Farmers Market we are looking to build on last year’s momentum to make this year’s market even better. As we prepare for the 2021 season we wanted to get things rolling and invite you to be part of the 2021 Trumbull Farmer’s Market.

Trumbull Farmers Market 2021 Season Information

Thursdays 4pm-7:00pm

Moore Ballfields on Unity Rd

OPENING DAY: Mother’s Day on Thursday May 6th

CLOSING DAY: Thursday Oct 21st

Market Fees

10x10 Tent/Space $150.00
20x20 2 tent/Space $200.00
Food Truck $250.00
*prices are for the entire season


April 15th Deadline

We are asking that all vendors submit their certificate of insurance, be registered with the Trumbull Health Department, and have all vendor fees paid in full by April 15th, 2021.


To ensure optimal field safety we ask that all vendors arrive between 3-3:30pm. Vendors arriving after 3:30pm may be moved to a different location. 

While we understand last minute emergencies occur, we are requiring vendors to give us at least 72 hours notice if you plan on missing a market. This will give us ample time to prepare the field layout as well as promote the weekly lineup to our patrons. Additionally, any vendor missing more than 3 consecutive markets (unexcused) will run the risk of having their spot forfeited to another vendor.

Vendor Payment