The Benefits of Gardening for Your Physical Health: Exercise, Risk Reduction, And Strength

Gardening is an activity that provides a number of significant health benefits, both in terms of physical and mental health. While gardening can provide great exercise, it has a noticeable impact on reducing stress and stimulating the brain as well. Almost anybody can embrace gardening regardless of where they live, as there are numerous ways to grow a garden even if you don’t have your own backyard. Whether you plan to garden in your yard or focus on an urban garden or a solar greenhouse, the health benefits are definitely worth the effort.

Gardening boosts your physical health When people are trying to find ways to be more physically active in their lives, gardening should not be overlooked. If you are able to work on a home garden or community garden, you get the opportunity to use your body in many ways and you will likely notice significant health benefits as a result. Alive notes that gardening typically uses your whole body, as you use your arms for many of the basics, but you will use your legs, back, and muscles all over your body as well. You can often get a great workout while gardening and many people enjoy having an activity like this that both gets the muscles working and the heart pumping while also providing a visible accomplishment. Additionally, a thriving yard with a scenic garden provides a great space for playing with your dog and enabling both of you to get some added physical activity. On the other hand, if time spent gardening is taking away from time spent walking or playing with your dog, consider treating him to dog walking or dog boarding services once or twice a week to give him ample exercise and play time. The physical benefits of gardening go beyond moderate exercise Not only does gardening provide great exercise as you work on your plantings, but it helps to improve your balance as well as strengthen your muscles, joints, and bones. USA Today details that you may notice increased flexibility and eye-hand coordination from your gardening, and you may see improved dexterity as well. Of course, if you are able to put together a home garden outdoors or even a solar greenhouse, you are also getting great exposure to vitamin D. Healthline shares that vitamin D helps to fight disease and boost your immune system, and it also helps to strengthen your bones and teeth. It can decrease your chances of getting the flu and may even help to protect against heart disease. Gardening in general can also help reduce your risk of stroke and diabetes. Think outside the box to do your gardening Even if your space is limited, you can physically benefit from gardening. You may want to consider having an urban garden, where you focus on opportunities to garden indoors, use containers on a patio or balcony, or connect with others for community gardening. Many of the same physical health benefits apply with these options, even if you can't head out to your own backyard to do your planting. As you plan your garden, you will want to consider what kinds of materials you utilize. For example, more and more people don't use herbicides in their gardens these days. As Sustainable Baby Steps notes, there have not necessarily been many studies done on the impact of herbicides on either people or the environment, and what is known causes concern for many. Luckily, gardens can do quite well without them and that is the route many people choose to go. Gardening can provide improvements in people’s mental health and general well-being, but the physical health benefits are substantial too. Gardening provides regular exercise that can strengthen the body and it can help to reduce the risk of issues such as stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Whether you maintain a home garden, an urban garden, or utilize a solar greenhouse, gardening is a great way to get regular exercise and improve your physical health while seeing some tangible results for your efforts.

Image Source: Pixabay

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